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All of us have sat thinking which of the egg or the chicken were here first. Could I get to the other side of the planet if I dig an hole? Does scots wear something underneath their kilt?

I managed to answer this question a couple of years ago on a trip around Scotland for New Year celebration. I hope everyone realized I worked really hard to get this answer and that the female community will always be grateful for all my hard work.

What happs if you put in a car five girls, four aussies and a frog, one of the aussie is driving because she doesn´t trust this bloody european driving. You got the pic!!!!!!!

I can tell you, you finished to go from London to Sheffield back to London on your way to Scotland. Dont bother to get the map out we were just making circle!!!!!!!!

After what seems to be days of driving, we did arrive at the famous lock ness lake, Home of Nessy.

Checking in the local backpacker, the receptionist told us we had to visit the Lock Ness castle, however this ruins was not open because it was nearly 10.00 pm. Where is the problem ? My crazy travel buddies decided that if the receptionist says we have to visit it we will visit it.

So they decided to go jumping over the fences, up to the second one,everything was fine but then my knee decided to go to pieces.

The next day I could not put my jean´s on, my knee had triple.....
It was the 31st of december, Hogmanay, so we went to Edingburg, and I went to the hospital where they found the rotula, the minsk and the ligaments broken. They gave me crushes and the best painkillers had ever had. I was flying well over.

I was running everywhere on my crutches with a bottle of cider. People on Princes street where laughing at my funny doing.

It´s where I pumped up to a group (not one but a few of them) of scots with kilts.....
My drunkiest gave me the courage or the madness to ask the question.

Do you wear something underneath and they say I should check it myself..........................................................

They did not wear anything . The world question was answered.

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